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Calacatta Miraggio Cove

Calacatta Miraggio Cove

The captivating blend of gold, white, and beige veins set against a warm gold Carrara-like backdrop creates a stunning visual appeal. Its complex palette features four distinct earth-toned colors, giving it an overall neutral charm that complements a variety of design styles. Durable and low maintenance, Calacatta Miraggio Cove is a perfect choice for countertops, vanities, and other surfacing applications where both beauty and functionality are desired. Add a touch of luxury to your home or commercial space with Calacatta Miraggio Cove. Crafted in the USA.


    Material: Quartz
    Origin: MSI (USA)
    Finish: Polished
    Thickness: 3/4"
    Size: 126" x 63"

Color: White
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