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Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Granite countertops

When comparing the advantages and disadvantages of having a granite countertop, the choice comes down to two important factors; lifestyle and budget. First, let’s start with the pros.

Granite Countertop Pros:

  • Resistant to Heat - When it comes to resistance to heat. granite countertops are the best natural option to go with. Many homeowners prefer to have the option of putting a hot pan right off the strong directly onto their countertops. With granite countertops, you have the choice of placing a hot pad under the pot or to simply place the pot on their countertops! Granite is not only a great solution to your kitchen countertops, but also for your outdoor barbecue or fireplace surround.

  • Resistant to Scratches - Granite countertops are extremely resistant to scratches. Using a cutting board is optional as you can cut up your food, fruits and vegetables directly on top of your granite countertop. We do however recommend using a cutting board, granite countertops are scratch resistant but not scratch proof!

  • Maintenance - Most of our granite slabs at Nadsto come pre-sealed. That we you do not have to worry about sealing your countertops anytime soon. However, if the slab is not pre-sealed, you would only have to apply a sealant once or twice a year.

  • Price - The majority of slabs, natural or engineered, range anywhere from $5-$100 a square foot. Granite slabs are on the lower end and typically average to $10-$15 a square foot. Fabrication for granite slabs are around $80 a square foot, where Quartzite slabs are around $120 a square foot.

Granite Countertop Cons:

  • Porous - Granite slabs are porous, meaning poorly sealed or unsealed granite countertops would absorb any wine, juice or oil that is spilled on the counter. As a result this would stain the countertop and make it very difficult if not impossible to remove. Unsealed granite countertops also harbor bacteria in its pores.

  • Weight - The heavy weight of granite slabs would require reinforcement on any overhangs 8 inches or more. Furthermore, some cabinets may require additional support placed under the granite countertop to support its weight.


Overall granite countertops can be a great choice for your home. The pros and cons are some things to consider when deciding if granite is the right material for you. Check out to see some handpicked granite slabs we believe can be the right fit for your kitchen and bath.

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